Philanthropist Daniel Pugel Discusses the Importance of the Lower Columbia College Scholarship Fund

Friday, May 28, 2022, 8:29 AM

Philanthropist Daniel Pugel recently discussed the importance of the Lower Columbia College Scholarship Fund.

NORMANDY PARK, WA / MAY 28, 2022 / Daniel Pugel believes in the importance of giving back to his local community and other communities in which he has lived, worked, or benefited. He currently supports several scholarship funds, including the Lower Columbia College Scholarship Fund. 

The Lower Columbia College Scholarship Fund awards generous scholarships to students through the support of donors like Pugel. He recently discussed the importance of this organization and the scholarships it provides.

Daniel Pugel and the Importance of Education

Pugel is a former law enforcement teacher and trainer. He strongly believes education is the key to achieving dreams and that a well-rounded education should be accessible to everyone regardless of their family income. His vision led him to support several scholarship funds, including the Lower Columbia College Scholarship Fund, which gives more than $250,000 in scholarships to students every year. 

Pugel believes in this scholarship program because it also supports projects on campus that meet student needs not covered by state funding or student fees. These may be health programs, special needs programs, or other services. 

About the Lower Columbia College Foundation

The Lower Columbia College Foundation has nearly doubled its scholarship fund in recent years. In 2019, the foundation awarded roughly $450,000 in scholarships. This was all due to the generous support of donors like Daniel Pugel.

Scholarships donated through this foundation can be in honor of a family member or individual. They may also be given in the name of an organization or business to foster community support. 

About Lower Columbia College Scholarships

Daniel Pugel believes this foundation is essential because of the numerous types of scholarships it provides. It doesn’t just support students based on academics; it supports a variety of services, organizations, and of course, student education.

Scholarships are provided based on the student’s program of study, merit (GPA), financial need, community service, and enrollment status (part or full-time). 

The foundation honors scholarship recipients for their accomplishments every year at the Annual Scholarship Social. Here, students receive recognition for their hard work and have a chance to meet and thank the donors who made these scholarships happen. 

Give the Gift of Education

Daniel Pugel doesn’t just support the Lower Columbia College Scholarship Fund. He also supports the Seattle Prep Scholarship Fund, scholarships for Kennedy Catholic High School, and the California State University Long Beach Alumni Support Fund. He believes that giving the gift of education transforms individual lives and entire communities.

Individuals, families, or organizations can donate to the Lower Columbia College Scholarship Fund through the website. Donors can make a one-time contribution or set up recurring annual contributions. Pugel emphasized that these scholarships do not just better the life of one individual — they better the well-being of everyone surrounding them.